Release History

Version Date Description
0.4 2008-11-11 Subsequent release
0.3 2006-07-13 Subsequent release
0.2 2006-03-31 The first publicly available version of Stopwatch.

Release 0.4 - 2008-11-11

Type Changes By
? Added units to report values and fixed rounding so integer numbers are not displayed as having more precision than they do. Fixes 2032511 . mdyankov
add Added Meter wrapper to basic stopwatch methods.
Meter meter = Stopwatch.startMeter("group","label"); 
// some code to be measured
remove Removed deprecated LoadStopwatchEngine and related storage. mdyankov
update Added separate properties for engines and storages mdyankov
add Added methods to get sorted reports by providing custom Comparator. Report interface changed to extend Comparable. Base com.commsen.stopwatch.util.ReportComparator was added. mdyankov

Release 0.3 - 2006-07-13

Type Changes By
add Added new methods generating load reports. LoadStopwatchEngine is now deprecated! mdyankov
update Persistence code moved into new StorageManager mdyankov
add Added persistence modes : NORMAL, THREAD, DELAYED mdyankov
add [JMX] Added new method for load reports in JMX module. mdyankov
fix [JMX] Fixed formatting in getReportsAsString method mdyankov
add [JMX] Implemented getReportsAsXML method mdyankov
fix Minor big fixes and performance improvement mdyankov

Release 0.2 - 2006-03-31

Type Changes By